Welcome to the BGTS Website.

BG Technical Services ltd.

Formed in 2009 in Henderson, West Auckland, supplying second hand 24 Volt DC motors with gearboxes, to people building their own fishing kontikis and wanting a winch to haul the line back in.
From there it has grown to supplying all sorts of trades from engineering companies for truck covers, water pumps, operating chocolate vats Etc. and the list carries on…...

There is also a large demand for people building children’s electric cars.
We are now importing our own motors with freewheel gearboxes and DC controllers to keep up with demand, and will be looking at increasing the range slowly as demand increases.
Our aim is to help the customer get the best type of product to suit their needs, so if you do not see any thing on our site please contact us to see if we can help in any way.