Hall Effect Foot Throttle (METAL)


High quality foot throttle. Much better than the generic plastic ones on the market. Comes with 1M cable and will fit most Chinese electric Go-Karts.
Operating Voltage: 5V Throttle Physical Range: 30 Degrees Output Voltage: 0.9V-3.8V Cable Length: 1M  
The voltage range (approx.) is 0.9V-3.8V (whereas standard hall effects are 0.9V-4.3V), so hooking these up to a standard Chinese controller will work, but you will never be able to get full speed from them unless you make changes Note: Our controllers are built to accept these lower voltage throttles.
Side shot of the foot throttle, extremely well built.
Top side. The actual unit construction is all metal. The travel of the actual throttle is 30 degrees.


It uses the same connector as most Chinese controllers.