Hall Effect Twist Grip Throttle (Motorbike Style High Quality)

This well made Thumb Throttle comes with a 2M cable and the plug will fit most Chinese electric Go-Karts and electric Bikes. Its a high quality with good rubber grips.
Specifications: Operating Voltage: +5V Output Voltage: 0.9V-4.3V Cable Length: 2M
Also available with on/off switch.  
The voltage range (approx.) is 0.9V-4.3V, so hooking these up to any standard Chinese controller should work fine. Fits a standard size handlebar. Note: Our controllers are built to accept these Hall Effect throttles.
Lots of good rubber! And some chrome! Bling!! Actually its just chrome coated plastic (awww). The grips are decent and the rubber is excellent. Lots of grip too!
It uses the same connector as most Chinese controllers.